The Trauma, Loss & Personal Crisis Centrewe start by listening…
we don’t make assumptions

The Support Centre
for families and friends affected by trauma, loss and personal crisis

The Manda Centre

We provide a safe and confidential environment where those affected by Trauma, Loss & Personal Crisis can meet with others in similar circumstances, to share mutual thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Counselling & Therapies

We deliver a range of support techniques to help people overcome stress, emotional difficulties, relationships and other areas which trouble their lives.

Holistic Therapies

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The Goal

The Manda Centre was established in March 2016 solely for
charitable purposes to assist in relieving the mental and physical suffering and distress to families and friends affected by trauma, loss and personal crisis.

The Manda Centre has identified through the referrals we receive, the high level of loss, isolation and loneliness that affects our service users.

We concentrate on Practical and Emotional Support, Advocacy, Group Support, Counselling and Holistic Therapies.

We provide One2One Counselling and Telephone Counselling.
Our Counsellors and Therapists dedicate time to each person, using positive and therapeutic techniques to help individuals
manage and understand the effects of significant change, loss and grief.

Our service users also receive a mix of one to one and group peer support.

Our comprehensive range of alternative therapies promote stress reduction and supports and enhances progress with counselling and development.